High Performance Brakes

Sterling, VA High Performance Brakes & Installation

High performance brakes are typically purchased after market from a number of reputable brands. All components may be purchased at once in a kit. These kits generally include everything you need to elevate your standard braking system to a high performance, highly responsive braking system.


Why High Performance Brakes?

High performace brakes improve control over your vehicle. Brakes that are more responsive may help the driver avoid a collision. These elevated braking systems are typically made of higher quality metals and with greater precision for optimal braking. High quality metals withstand the wear and tear of extreme temperatures while also resist rust and corrosion. All of these things improve your braking power and extend the life of each component of your high performance brakes.

  • Faster & Consistent Braking.
  • Longer lasting, higher-quality parts.
  • Easier to maintain & less maintenance.
  • Resists rust & Corrosion.