High Performance Brake Kits

Sterling, VA High Performance Brake Kit Installation

A brake kit contains rotors, pads, calipers, and all the necessary nuts and bolts to install your new high performance braking system. The types of pads and the quality of products will vary. Brake kits make upgrading those factory brake systems to a high performance braking system pretty easy but we still recommend you bring this in for one of our certified technicians to install.


Why High Performance Brake Kits?

High performance brake kits are convenient and easy to install and are typically available for any motor vehicle.

  • Increased performance (Harder Braking)
  • Longer lasting and more consistent braking.

What to expect for a High Performance Brake Kit Installation

Yes! We will install your high performance brake kit! Bring it on by the shop or schedule a time with our front desk attendant. The amount of time and labor billed for the process varies greatly depending on the Year/Make/Model as well as the number of wheels involved. On average, expect 2 – 8 hours of labor.