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Sterling, VA Car AC Recharge Service

A car AC system that is low on refrigerant won’t blow cool air or may blow cool air inconsistently and it means your car is in need of a recharge. While the DIY cannisters offer a great temporary fix, they’re fairly expensive and won’t last as long. They don’t allow you to refill with the proper amount of pressure (PSI).

Reasons you may be low on refrigerant:

  • Leaky/Worn Hoses
  • Seized/Faulty Compressor
  • Normal Wear and Tear


Recharging your car’s AC system is something that should be done every year especially in tropical or humid climates and every other year in cooler climates that only require AC 1/4 – 1/2 the year.

If your car is running low on AC refrigerent frequently, it’s time to bring it in for a proper diagnosis.

Bring your car in for an AC Recharge!