Classic Car Restoration - 2006 Pontiac GTO

Sterling, VA 2006 Pontiac GTO Restoration

This 2006 Pontiac GTO is already a very powerful production vehicle without modification. The GTO itself is actually a re-branding of the Holden Monero from General Motors Holden in Australia.

This GTO was recently purchased and already heavily modified from its previous owner and had a drive line vibration at speed. We replaced the tires with ultra performance, balanced the suspension using scales, and realigned the steering. The differential rebuilt with a higher ratio and limited slip functionality, complete with high performance CV axles. Front brakes were replaced with a performance set up, and a short shifter was installed.


After some time, the GTO returned with a spun connecting rod bearing. The engine was previously upgraded with a cam and upgraded cylinder heads, however the block was never rebuilt. The engine was pulled to be rebuilt for even more power. The LS2 6.0 L engine will be stroked out to 6.8 L with all internals specifically picked to be bulletproof, and then tuned for as much power that the engine could possibly output.

  • Installed Ultra Performance Tires
  • Adjusted Coil overs, Balanced car
  • Alignment
  • Rebuilt differential
  • Limited slip Differential
  • Installed stronger axles
  • Front brake upgrade
  • Install short shifter
  • Rebuild engine
  • Stroke engine
  • Tune/Fuel map