Classic Car Restoration - 1969 Lotus Europa

Sterling, VA 1969 Lotus Europa Restoration

This 1969 Lotus Europa is a very special car, Lotus is a car manufacturer that cuts anything out of the vehicle to make it as light as possible, which generally leaves the vehicle simple with a minimal frame to hold the engine and a fiberglass cockpit for aerodynamics and look. There were under 10,000 units built and few survive to this day.

This particular one came in because the transmission box was continuously leaking gear oil and the shifter assembly broke. The transmission was resealed previously a few years ago by one of our techs, however the differential carrier assembly had too much play within the unit and had to be replaced to stop the leakage. A recycled transmission was sourced instead of rebuilding the unit, this choice was made due to difficulty finding parts to do a proper rebuild. The shifter assembly was welded and repaired due to the same issue of sourcing parts.


The most interesting part about this vehicle is that Lotus, in effort to save weight, decided to make the transmission a part of the vehicle’s structure. This means that the transmission actually holds the rear suspension together. With the transmission removed, the vehicle cannot be lowered to the ground and pushed around, because the members holding the wheels are not supported.

  • Replace Transmission
  • Make all necessary Adjustments
  • Repair Shifter Assembly