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Street Brakes

Street or OEM brakes on most modern vehicles work very well when properly maintained. Regular visual inspection (recommend removing the wheels for the best view) is the best way to keep up on maintenance. Normally, your pads are the first item to wear, but the rotors themselves can also wear down. Replacing the worn components with good quality OE grade parts are a must (no cheap stuff here).


Another common item on your brakes that need maintenance is your brake fluid. Brake fluid absorbs moisture from the atmosphere. After a few years, the moisture content of the brake fluid can get too high and lower the brake fluid’s boiling point. Once you over-heat your brake fluid, it will boil and turn into a gas. Gases compress under pressure and the end result is a very squishy brake pedal and decreased braking force. Obviously, this is unsafe. So flush your brake fluid. Most manufacturers recommend flushing or bleeding your brake fluid every 2 years regardless of miles.

Track / Racing Braking Systems

Track brakes can be as simply as higher temp brake fluid and track grade pads in your stock calipers up to completely custom one-off racing set ups with dual master cylinders for proper proportioning. Deciding what the best set up usually comes down to budget and needs. Most cars that see the track for DE events can make do with mild upgrades. We typically like to recommend starting with stainless steel brake lines, high temp DOT 4 brake fluid, slotted stock size rotors and track grade pads. This set up usually works well for most cars. If you need more, big brake kits (BBKs) are generally available for a lot of popular cars and fairly straight forward to install.


Some cars can also have their brakes upgraded to brake systems from other vehicles, typically from the same manufacturer. For example, there are a few different kits that adapt the calipers from a 2003 E46 M3 to a 1997 E36 M3. While you have to use the pads and rotos from the later chassis, it can be a fairly inexpensive option that yields excellent results.

Final Thoughts

Whatever you decide to do, we are here to help you make to best and safest decision when it comes to brakes. Safety is paramount on both street and track cars. Poor quality workmanship and parts can end badly.

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