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Rotors are the surfaces that the brake pads rub or grind against when you press down on the brake pedal. These surfaces should be smooth to ensure brake pad longevity. Rotors can crack under high amounts of heat and pressure. Cracks and uneven surfaces on your car’s rotors will cause brake pads to wear down faster.

Cracked or warped rotors need to be completely replaced. Usually, vibrations or wobbles may be felt indicating a cracked or warped rotor issue. Over time, rotors may wear down and sometimes brake pads may create slight grooves in your rotors. When this happens, the rotors can simply be machined down to a smooth surface without the need to purchase replacement rotors.

Regularly replacing your brake pads helps prevent damage to the rotors.

Signs of Bad Rotors

  • Wobbles or vibrations when braking.
  • Ignoring a grinding sound often warps or cracks rotors

Brake Rotor Repair Cost

While the need for rotor replacement is easily diagnosed, the cost to replace car rotors depends largely on the cost of parts + labor. All of which depends on the make, model, and the availability of parts.


Revtech offers full-service brake repair and replacement services. If your vehicle is experiencing lengthier stop times, grinding noises, or chirping. It’s time to have us check out those brakes. Rotor inspection is generally included with any brake service or check-up.

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