Auto Shop Services

Scheduled Maintenance

Keep your vehicle running at its best by getting its scheduled maintenance taken care of by RevTech Performance. Our service is the same quality as the dealership but at a fraction of the cost. We follow all factory tables, TSB’s, and recommendations to ensure that your vehicle continues to function the way it should.

Oil Change/ Fluid Service

At RevTech Performance, we are experts at maximizing the performance of your vehicle and offering a custom service. We help you select the correct oil for your vehicle depending on the use you are giving it. For example, a racing vehicle requires a different type of oil than a vehicle that is used for daily commutes and errands. We even carry Redline and Liqui Moly oils in-house for regular and specialty applications.


Your vehicle’s transmission requires regular service as indicated by the factory interval. This is because your transmission includes wearable components and keeping the fluid and filter of your transmission serviced correctly will maximize the life of your transmission. Remember that if you use your vehicle for racing or other intense driving scenarios, the intervals between transmission services should be shorter.


At RevTech Performance, our personalized attention can be found in every service including your brake system. We help you select the best breaking materials for your vehicle depending on the use you give it. For example, if you use your car for daily commutes vs. racing, we will recommend different breaking materials ranging from semi-metallic pads to ceramic pads.


At RevTech Performance, we can customize any part of your vehicle to meet your driving needs. The vehicle’s differential is the system that transfers longitudinal rotation to transverse rotation. We can use limited slip and locking differentials within performance applications to customize traction while turning and braking. This can be tailored to your driving needs and style of driving ranging from being a daily commute driver to a racing driver.


Today, most vehicles have a variety of electrical components that can act up. At RevTech Performance, we can diagnose and evaluate these electrical issues to land on a solution. We troubleshoot all sorts of electrical issues including check engine lights, CAN network issues, ABS, Airbags, and more. For our racing and specialty vehicles, we offer harness building services.


Alignment services refer to adjusting your vehicle’s suspension to ensure that your tires make contact with the road at the correct angles. The suspension is the system that connects your vehicle to its wheels. A common misconception is that an alignment is an adjustment to the tires. At RevTech Performance, we will talk to you about the most common types of roads that you drive on and take into consideration the type of tires on your vehicle before adjusting the suspension during an alignment.

Shocks & Suspension

At RevTech Performance, we want to keep your suspension in the best shape possible. For this reason, we recommend following the guidelines for servicing your shocks absorbers on your vehicle. A shock absorber is the part of your vehicle’s suspension the contact between your tires and the road. Typically, your shocks will wear out every 50-100 thousand miles depending on how you drive and the types of roads that you are on.

Engine Repair

The engine is the most important part of your vehicle because it is what makes it move. Over time, parts of your engine may need repairs or your engine may need to be replaced to get your car moving again. Whether you have a gas or diesel engine in your vehicle, we can help you keep up with its maintenance, repair the engine when it causes trouble, and even replace it if needed.


At RevTech Performance, we want to keep your exhaust running at its best for your safety and the well-being of the environment. When your exhaust system is working properly, it limits the toxic emissions that are released into the air while keeping dangerous gasses from entering the cab of your vehicle. An exhaust system is more complex than it seems and includes pipes, sensors, and other components. Keeping your exhaust system functioning at its best is a win-win for everyone.

Fueling Services

The fuel system is one of the most crucial parts of your vehicle because it is responsible for delivering fuel to the engine. If the fuel system is not working properly, your vehicle will have poor performance. Over time, the fuel injectors can become clogged due to build-up and it is important to have them cleaned as part of the regular maintenance of your vehicle. At RevTech Performance, we also recommend paying attention to your vehicle’s response to fuel from certain gas stations.


The tires on your vehicle need regular maintenance to extend their lifespan and keep your vehicle performing at its best. At RevTech Performance, we recommend rotating your tires every few thousand miles or sooner to prevent uneven wear. We can also help you select the right tires depending on the driving experience you want to have, the use of your vehicle, and the terrain you most regularly drive on.

Track Performance

At RevTech Performance, we can help you get your vehicle ready for the racing track. Preparing your vehicle for the racing track requires a specialized assessment of its performance in terms of fuel management, carburetor performance, suspension alignment, and corner balance. We can perform that specialized assessment and provide the necessary modifications to maximize the performance of your vehicle for racing.

Dynamometer & Tuning (Forms)

A dynamometer is a specialized device that measures your vehicle’s performance in terms of power. It achieves this by assessing the torque and rotational speed of the engine. At RevTech Performance, we use the results from the dynamometer to adjust your vehicle to maximize its performance for the intended style of racing you want to participate in. Click here to learn more about this service. Learn More

Virginia Safety Inspection

In the state of Virginia, your vehicle needs to pass an annual safety inspection to be legally operated. At RevTech Performance, we can perform the safety inspection which includes a 24-point assessment of your vehicle’s safety systems. These 24 points refer to your vehicle’s brakes, parking brakes, headlights, other lights, signal devices, steering and suspension, tires, mirrors, horn, windshield and other glass, windshield wipers and defroster, exhaust system, license tags, under the hood, fuel system and air pollution control system. If your vehicle does not pass the inspection, we can help you get it up to speed.

Emission Diagnostics/Repair

A well-working emission system guarantees that your vehicle will put out low emissions into the environment, prevent premature oil contamination and comply with local emission laws. However, there are also benefits to the vehicle itself, an optimal emission system also promotes fuel economy, extends the life of the engine, and promotes optimum performance. To find out if your emission system is doing everything it should visit us at RevTech Performance where we can optimize your vehicle’s performance.

Licensed Products for Sale

Hondata and Eurocharged

At RevTech Performance, we specialize in optimizing the performance of your vehicle whether it is a racing car, a classic car, or an everyday car. We have licensed specialized products to maximize your vehicle’s performance including LiquiMoly, Redline, and Tunes. You can also display your support and pride for RevTech by acquiring some of our swag including t-shirts, stickers, hoodies, and keychains.

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Car tuning is the modification of a car to optimise it for a different set of performance requirements from those it was originally designed to meet. Most commonly this is higher engine performance and dynamic handling characteristics but cars may also be altered to provide better fuel economy, or smoother response.

Check to see if your vehicle can be tuned: Tuning Check