Wheel Alignment Services

Sterling, VA Wheel Alignment Services

Revtech offers full-service wheel alignment services including 4-wheel drive, truck, and racing alignment. If your vehicle is experiencing vibrations or pulling to one side – these are clear indicators that its alignment needs an adjustment.


A proper wheel alignment will take a car from good to great, increasing fuel economy, safety, and reducing vibrations & tire wear.

Signs of Misalignment

  • Vibrations in the tires or steering column.
  • Uneven Tire wear.
  • Reduction in fuel economy.
  • Driver fatigue (from over correcting).


Toe refers to the whether the tire angles inward toward each other or outward away from each other. Think of your own two feet as wheels of a car. If you rotate your ankles inward so that your toes are angled toward each other, this is a Toe in adjustment. Toe out would be if you rotate your ankles away from each other so that your toes are facing somewhat opposite directions.


Camber is the amount of inward or outward angle of the tires when viewed from the front of the vehicle. Tires can find themselves out of proper camber alignment due to wear and tear on ball joints, bearings, or other worn suspension parts.


Caster is the angle seen when viewing your car from the side. A positive caster means that the steering axis leans toward the driver while a negative caster means the steering axis is leaning away from the driver and toward the front bumper of your vehicle.

And So Many More Alignment Services!