4 Wheel Alignment

Sterling, VA 4 Wheel Alignment

Let our masterful technicians perform a complete 4 wheel alignment including camber, caster, & toe adjustments for your front and rear suspension.

Most modern sports cars and sports sedans have the ability to be fully aligned at each corner. That means we can set the camber, toe and caster to suit the needs of the car and the driver.

All cars (street driven or race cars) need an alignment periodically to keep the tires wearing correctly and the vehicle handling well. A bad alignment or vehicle that is not aligned correctly will result in poor tire life and inconsistent handling, making it unsafe and not a pleasure to drive. If it has been awhile since your last alignment, bring it in and have it checked to see.


Track cars may need alignments more frequently as they are going through more changes and adjustments in the chassis and suspension in the hunt for better lap times. Performing a thorough 4 wheel alignment with a good understanding of the best specs for your car can help you get faster lap times with better tire wear.

Corner Balancing

This is done on track driven cars with adjustable suspension. Typically, you make adjustments in the ride height via the spring perch to balance the vehicle side to side and back to back. A properly corner balanced car with handle better as it is more consistent. We always set our corner balances up with the proper driver weight, potential passenger or instructor weight, “hot” tires pressures and the amount of fuel typically run. Don’t forget! You need to have adjustable sway bar end links to ensure your corner balance is correct. Sway bar preload from incorrect end link lengths will give false readings on the corner balance scales. We typically disconnect the sway bar to eliminate this issue and reattach it after the corner balance is done and sitting on the alignment rack fully loaded.

4 Wheel Alignment Cost

A 4 Wheel alignment can range from $99 and greater depending on the make/model of the vehicle. The reason being the difficulty required and time it takes to properly adjust the alignment.

Proper 4 wheel alignment ensures your car will:

  • Drive Smoother
  • Last Longer
  • Drive more efficiently
  • Car will handle better and be safer
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